Wix Review

“Thanks to the smooth drag-and-drop editor, it is easy to create a professional website without having the foggiest idea about coding! Yes, it’s great for beginners, but if you’re someone who has a bit of know-how, you will be pleased to know that I found Wix to be scalable with a number of different packages to choose from. Really, Wix works how you want it to, and that’s what makes it such a powerful choice.”

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February 26, 2021

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Ease Of Use


Design Flexibility


Website Features


Help and Support


Value For Money


Wix Pros:

Wix Cons:


Wix website builder offers a straightforward and affordable way of creating a website in a matter of minutes. You don’t need to input a single line of code. There are different packages available, including a free version, ensuring all budgets are catered to as well.

Wix website builder

Some quick Wix facts and figures

  • Wix was established in 2006.
  • More than 44,000 apps are downloaded every day from the Wix App Market.
  • There are over 332,000 Wix e-commerce users.
  • More than 22 million mobile websites use Wix.
  • 45,000 new users sign-up for Wix every day.
  • There are 154 million Wix users.
  • Of these 154 million users, 4.3 million are premium users.

You can take a look at some examples of websites that have been designed on Wix to get a good idea of what can be created. From photographers and musicians to hotels and small businesses; professional websites can be created no matter your niche. It’s also a good platform for bloggers and personal sites as well. 

Does Wix sound right for you?

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Understanding what sort of website builder Wix is

There are two main types of website builders: classic template-based website builders and modern Artificial Intelligence (AI) website builders. 

A classic website building platform has a number of different pre-designed templates for you to choose from. You can then add in your own content and customise the template. 

An AI website building platform will ask you a number of questions, for example, your design preferences and the sort of website you want to create. It then creates a website for you. You are still able to make tweaks. However, by getting to know your needs, the platform can quickly adapt and help you to set up the right sort of website quickly. 

Wix is a mixture of both. A modern AI platform and classic template builder rolled into one! I was able to select from over 500 industry-specific templates or I could let Wix design the website for me using Wix ADI. I’ll tell you about my experience with both.

Wix template builder
The classic template-based website building approach
The modern AI website building approach
If you do decide to go for the Wix ADI option, it really is as simple as simple gets! I just answered a few questions and filled in a few blanks. I will give you a glimpse below…
Wix AI builder
Wix AI builder

Is Wix Really Easy to Use?

The short answer; yes! But why? Well, as mentioned, you have two options here. You’ve got Wix ADI, and you’ve got Wix Editor. 

If you decide to go down the Wix ADI route, Wix is basically going to design your site for you, and it doesn’t really get easier than that! 

As you can see from the screenshots above, I only had to answer a few questions so that Wix could understand what I wanted. Within a matter of minutes, I had a personal and unique website. 

Yes, you can make edits to the final design, so you’re going to have some control! However, if you want a blank canvas and you want to build something from the ground up, you will prefer the Wix Editor. It’s definitely my preferred choice, but I know that a lot of people like the simplicity and ease of Wix ADI.

With Wix Editor, I was able to choose from different templates, using the drag-and-drop editor to completely customise my website. This means all you need to do is simply click and hold onto an item and then you can move it to any point of the page. 

Wix drag and drop builder
Wix drag-and-drop builder

Now, if you are reading this and you’re a bit more tech-savvy, fear not; you can put your skills to good use! Wix Code allows you to access and edit the raw HTML behind your website, offering even more customisation. Of course, you don’t have to use this, but the option is there should you want to.

Wix website coding
Coding is an option

Scaling your Wix website

Are you concerned about outgrowing your Wix website? I feel you! This is one of my major concerns when using a website builder. After all, the key for most businesses and bloggers is to get bigger and better. I don’t want a website builder that’s going to only take me on part of the journey; I want something that will hold my hand all of the way! I think most website owners will find that Wix is more than substantial. It can scale with you. 

The app market is great for scaling your Wix website. It has tons of exciting add-ons to enhance your site, and there are always new releases. I will tell you all about it later in the review, including some of my favourites!

If you’re looking for a site builder to power a huge, global e-commerce website, then Wix may not be ideal. However, for pretty much everything else, it’s more than sufficient. 

Wix Templates

I have been really impressed with the range of templates Wix offers. There are more than 500 templates to choose from! They all look sleek and professional. You can achieve a designer-looking site, without needing any coding or design skills. 

Wix templates
Choose a template that suits your business

With hundreds of templates available, you don’t have to worry about scrolling through them all. Wix has categorised their templates, as well as offering a search bar function, so you can easily find a suitable template. 

While you can find a website design in just a few minutes, I won’t lie… I did get pretty lost in looking at all of the different designs. After all, there are so many of them, and they’re all really sleek and impressive! Plus, I wouldn’t recommend rushing into your decision in any case…

Once your site has gone live, you can’t switch your template. This is one of the major drawbacks. In fact, it’s probably on the top of my list in terms of things I think Wix should change, albeit it’s a short list! Think about your brand. Think about the future. Think about functionality. You want a website that you’re going to adore for years to come.

Wix template categories
Choose a template based on your business type

All of the templates are responsive. This is so important! With mobile being the most popular Internet-browsing device, not having a responsive website is inexcusable. 

Quick Tip!

Enable a Mobile View for your website. You can then use the Mobile Editor to tweak the Mobile View of your site.

Customising your Wix website

It’s really easy to customise your templates. Yes, you can simply input your content and go! Yet, you’re probably going to want to make some tweaks. It’s really easy to do this. 

You can click on items, hold onto them, and drag them to the right place. To edit text, just click on the dummy text and start typing. You can easily change fonts and add text boxes as well.

Quick Tip!

Wow visitors by enhancing the scrolling experience on your website. In the editor, click on Add, and then choose Strip. Select Settings, pick your desired effect, save it and check it out in Preview Mode.

Once you’re more comfortable, you will find that the editor is really fun to use. The animation button is a real highlight for me! With this, I was able to bring virtually any feature to life; from my menu to photos. Spin it, fade it out, zoom in… the choice is yours! Wix enables you to let your creative side out, and that’s something I certainly look for in a website builder. Who wants to be limited?

Website Features

There are also heaps of different site features that you can add to your page. This includes video backgrounds, interactive slideshows, maps, music players, contact forms, restaurant menus, blogs, and much more. Once you have added these elements, you can customise them just like you can customise anything else on the template!

The icons on the left-hand side of the Wix editor is where a lot of these great features can be unlocked…

Wix blog editor
Wix's blogging options.

I will give you a brief overview of my highlights from Wix’s huge range of features below…

Art Store

Firstly, we have the art store, where you can sell digital images, commission-free. You can also create digital licenses, brand images with a watermark, and connect to a print-on-demand service.


Visitors can leave comments, upload videos, follow posts, join conversations, become members, and much more.


You can track a guest list, create email invites, sell tickets, and connect to a payment provider.


Wix bookings widget
Take and manage bookings

You can offer workshops, classes, and appointments, which people can book via your site. You can also take payments, send email reminders about appointments automatically, and accept bookings via the Wix mobile app.


Aside from having the broadest selection of audio players amongst site builders, Wix also enables you to distribute music, just like you would on CD Baby and Distrokid, and you can receive custom audio analytics as well.

Quick Tip!

Use the Analytics feature on your site to enhance your music sales. Learn about which tracks generate the most revenue, top downloads, and top tracks played.


Another one of my favourite features is the restaurant feature. This enables you to add a reservations app to your restaurant, make the most of online delivery features, and include restaurant menu elements.

I like that Wix has catered to very specific website needs, so you don’t feel like you’re missing out by not getting your site developed by a professional. I know a lot of restaurant owners think that the only way they are going to be able to add reservation apps and present their menu in an attractive way is to use a pro service, but Wix has shown that you don’t need to.

Wix App Market

There are so many different apps available on the Wix App Market. I simply can’t go through them all, otherwise, I’d never finish writing! However, I will go over some of my top picks for you!

The Wix App Market is the place you turn to if you want your website to perform better and do more.

Basically, you’re probably not going to get everything you need from Wix’s core services. But this does not mean you need to look to an external source to fill this void. You’ve got the app store instead, and tools can be installed with just one click, making it as easy as ABC!

The apps are from third-party providers, and I quickly found out information about each app and its features, as well as reviews from users and a star rating. This was helpful for me before I installed my choices. Some apps are free, some are paid, and some offer both options. 

I’ve chosen some of my favourite apps to give you a headstart…

Contact Form

For easy, customisable contact forms, you can’t go wrong with this app. You can get more leads through building your own custom autoresponder emails, redirect users after submission, and split your form up into multiple steps or pages. The options are endless.

Rabbit SEO

There are a number of different SEO apps for Wix. I am a fan of Rabbit SEO. You can get all of your keywords, analytics, search volume, and rankings data in one place so that you can easily drive traffic to your website. Rabbit SEO also helps you to get a better understanding of what your competition is up to, as well as offering a powerful landing page optimiser.


It’s important to make sure that your website is performing how you want it to, right? Web-Stat is a great tool that helps you cut through the noise. You will receive user-friendly reports that help you understand every visitor’s experience on your website. Learn how visitors find your site and how they interact with it. This is an excellent way for you to find out what is working and what isn’t and make the required changes.

Paid Plan Comparison

If you offer a number of different service plans (just like Wix does!), this app is exactly what you need. You can create a feature that enables your site viewers to compare your plans side-by-side. It’s fully customisable and works really well.

Tidio Live Chat

Improve your customer service offering with Tidio Live Chat. This intuitive live-chat solution is designed to enable you to connect with customers quickly and effectively. It comes with multi-language support, as well as an offline contact form so users can reach you when no one is available.

Security of Wix Websites

Security is something that all website owners should be concerned with today, especially those taking payments via their website. I found Wix to be pretty good on the security front. Here are some of the steps they take to secure and encrypt data…

  • Wix Stores only work with payment gateways that have PCI DSS Level 1 certification; this is the highest level of security. 
  • Transport Layer Security (TLS) is the security technology they use for encrypting between the browser and web server. This is the industry standard.
  • Wix sites are HTTPs, reassuring your consumers that it is safe to purchase from your website. 

Quick Tip!

Enable HTTPS on your Wix website. Choose settings on the dashboard, and scroll down to HTTPS at the bottom. Click manage, and then turn on HTTPS.

Is Wix Right For You?

One of the great things about Wix is that it is incredibly versatile. There are so many different types of websites that can be created. But is it the right platform for you? There may be a different site builder that is more appropriate for your needs. I’m certainly not going to advocate Wix being the best in every situation. I’ll give you my view on some of the main website types and my thoughts on how Wix shapes up…


Wix primarily caters to business websites. There are hundreds of different business templates to select from, including a whole host of website templates that have been designed with specific industries in mind. This includes legal, finance, real estate, marketing, handyman services, and much more. There are also a lot of great features for business websites, including email marketing, appointment bookings, and subscription forms. There is an app market with plenty of incredible add-ons.


There are plenty of features available to help you create a blog. Creating blog posts is easy. You can also add a search bar, bookmarks, and a comments section. You can separate your posts in an attractive and logical manner. However, there are site builders that are dedicated to the blogging sector, so you may want to look into these before making your decision.


Wix e-commerce has been created for people . Again, you can use Wix ADI or Wix Editor for this. You can sell an unlimited number of products, including digital and physical products, as well as services. You can also manage your store on-the-go via the Wix mobile app, control your shipping options, and create discount codes. I rank Wix and Squarespace the highest when it comes to selling online.

Quick Tip!

Do you want to create free shipping above a certain order amount? Head to the Coupons tab, New Coupon, and then Free Shipping. You can either set up a rate by weight shipping rule or a flat rate shipping rule. You will need to apply this on every shipping service you offer.

There is a powerful analytics feature. This will give you heaps of in-house data, allowing you to make intelligent decisions to move your e-store forward. I would also recommend using Ecwid, which is an app you can get via the Wix app market. This gives you access to plenty of features, such as social commerce, inventory tracking, and guest checkouts. 

Ecwid online shopping app Wix
Easily add a store to your Wix site

Wix payments

If you are intending to use Wix for e-commerce purposes, I should also tell you a little bit about Wix Payments. This was established so that you can accept payments via your website without needing to integrate a third-party gateway. Fees are 30 cents for every online card transaction, with an additional 2.9 per cent.

Users are presented with three payment options when making a payment. This includes offline payments, such as a money transfer or cash, as well as PayPal and credit cards. 

Wix Payment Pros:

Wix Payment Cons:

Wix Pricing

Of course, you will want to know how much all of this is going to cost before you decide on whether or not Wix is right for you. One of the great things about Wix is you can essentially try before you buy, as there is a 14-day guarantee on all premium plans.

There are eight different Wix plans for you to choose from. Firstly, there is the free offering. You can then choose from four different website plans, as well as three business and e-commerce plans. We’ll explain more about each option before. 

Wix free plan

As you can probably imagine, there are a number of limitations when it comes to the free Wix plan. These are some of the main limitations…

You won’t be able to use your own domain name

This is probably the biggest drawback when it comes to the free plan. Yes, your domain is going to be free, but you have no option of using your own. This means your website is going to follow this format: myusername.wixsite.com/siteaddress. Not the best way to make a memorable impression, right? I would never personally want my website to have a URL like this!

Customer support is basic

You do get access to the usual support channels, yet you’re basically at the back of the queue in terms of response times. 

You will only get a limited number of features

Compared to most free website builders, you do get more features with Wix. However, there are still limits on the tools you use. One of the biggest limitations, though, is that Google Analytics is not included in your free plan.

You can’t sell online

If you’re looking to set up an e-store, you won’t be able to use the free plan. E-commerce is not included.

Wix adverts will be displayed on your website

Another drawback of the free plan is that adverts are going to be displayed on your site from Wix. These may put off your visitors, and they don’t help in terms of making your site look stylish or professional.

If you do start off with the free version, or you’re humming and hawing in terms of making a decision, here are some signs that you should upgrade…

  • You have a custom domain or you want one
  • You want to start promoting your website
  • Your website is crashing or slowing down because of bandwidth limits and low storage
  • Your site is representing a professional service, business, or brand
  • You want to start selling products 

Wix ‘Website’ plans

There are four different Wix ‘website’ plans available: VIP, Unlimited, Combo, and Connect Domain.

Wix payment plans
Wix payment plans

Connect Domain

With the cheapest package, you can connect your own domain. You will get 500MB storage and 1GB of bandwidth.

Combo (for personal use)

With the Combo plan, you will get a free domain for one year. Wix ads are removed. You will receive 3GB storage and 2GB of bandwidth. Plus, you get £75 ad vouchers and 30 video minutes.

Unlimited (for freelancers and entrepreneurs) 

With this package, you can also connect your domain and get a free domain for one year. Wix ads are removed. You will receive 10GB storage and bandwidth is not limited. Plus, you get £75 ad vouchers and one hour of video minutes. You will also receive the Visitor Analytics App and the Site Booster App, both of which are worth $60 each.


With this package, you can also connect your domain and get a free domain for one year. Wix ads are removed. You will receive 20GB storage and unlimited bandwidth. As you probably expect, you get £75 ad vouchers, but you will get two hours of video minutes. You will also receive the Visitor Analytics App and the Site Booster App, both of which are worth $60 each, as well as professional logo design, which is worth $50. You also get VIP support, priority response, and social media logo files. 

What are the Visitor Analytics App and the Site Booster App? Are they worth it?

You probably want to know what these two apps offer, and whether they are worth it. The Visitor Analytics App enables you to learn everything about people who visit your website. I was able to track visitors by conversions, IP, device, country, and much more. Features include everything from traffic charts and browser usage to mobile access and referring sites. The Site Booster App helps you drive more traffic to your website. It lists and monitors your site online in the most vital places across the web. 

Wix ‘Business & E-Commerce’ plans

There are three different Wix ‘website’ plans available: Business VIP, Business Unlimited, and Business Basic.

Wix business and e-commerce payment plans
Wix payment plans for online stores

Business Basic

With the cheapest business package, you can connect your own domain and you get a free domain for one year. You will get 20GB of storage and unlimited bandwidth. Online payments are accepted and Wix ads are removed. Google Analytics is included, as well as five hours of video, £75 ad vouchers, and the Visitor Analytics App and the Site Booster App, both of which are worth $60 each.

Business Unlimited

With the Unlimited package, you can connect your own domain and you get a free domain for one year. You will get 35GB of storage and unlimited bandwidth. Online payments are accepted and Wix ads are removed. Google Analytics is included, as well as ten hours of video, £75 ad vouches, and the Visitor Analytics App and the Site Booster App, as well as Professional Logo design and social media logo files.

Business VIP

With the Business VIP package, you can connect your own domain and you get a free domain for one year. You will get 50GB of storage and unlimited bandwidth. Online payments are accepted and Wix ads are removed. Google Analytics is included, as well as unlimited video hours, £75 ad vouches, and the Visitor Analytics App and the Site Booster App, as well as Professional Logo design and social media logo files. On top of this, you will receive VIP support and priority response.

You can save money with different subscription packages

One of the good things about Wix is you do have the option to make your money go further by paying for a longer period in one go. If you can afford this, you can save a considerable amount of money. As you can see below, I selected the Business Unlimited plan, and if I decide to pay for three years upfront, I will save £216. For those with long-term goals and the funds available, it is certainly worth doing this. 

Wix discounts
Save money by paying for more upfront

Frequently Asked...

You can add a number of editors to your Wix account. The great thing is that you can actually set limits, giving different people different levels of authority. So, if you don’t want someone to access a part of your website, you can restrict this. This is perfect for any business that is going to have a team managing, editing, and building their website. It is also great if you have content contributors and you only want them to be able to access your blog for instance.

Unlike other site builders, Wix does not own your content. For free websites, the owner of any content or sites is the person who owns the Wix account. For premium sites that have been connected to a domain, the owner of the website is the entity or person that is registered as the domain owner. This information is publically available via the WHOIS database.

Yes, you can! You can use Wix Multilingual in order to translate your website. This will translate Wix Stores, SEO settings, links, and text image backgrounds into a secondary language of your choice.

With the Wix premium plan, you have the ability to transfer and connect your domain name from your GoDaddy. This means your domain name can remain with GoDaddy but it will point to your Wix website.

No; this is included in your monthly package. You also get security included as well. 

The cost of a domain differs based on a number of factors. This is true no matter where you purchase your domain from. Factors include your local VAT or tax laws, the use of a domain voucher, adding privacy protection, the number of years you choose, your local currency, and the type of domain extension. However, the great thing about Wix is that your domain will be free for the first year if you choose a premium plan.

Wix and WordPress are two different solutions. They’re both used to create websites and they’re not connected in any way. You can use one or the other, but Wix is more of an inclusive solution, giving you everything you need to create a website.

Yes, I believe Wix is good for SEO. The company has worked hard over the years to increase its offering in this regard, and there are a number of excellent SEO app add-ons. Wix sites have no trouble ranking on Google and other search engines. 

Using the services of a developer is going to cost a lot, and I mean A LOT! You don’t have to foot this sort of bill with Wix, and you’re also not going to be relying on anyone to make changes to your website, which can take quite a bit of time and cost more money. 


I hope that this review has helped you to understand the Wix website building platform and everything that it has to offer. I definitely found it to be an effective solution for anyone looking to build a business website without coding experience. You can have a stunning, customized website set-up within a few hours. But it’s not all about speed and convenience; you can really delve deeper into the inner workings of your site to ensure that it is exactly what you want it to be.

I certainly recommend making the most of one of the more comprehensive Wix packages. While VIP is not a necessity, the Unlimited packages offer great value in our opinion. And, if you can afford to do so, I would advise paying upfront or at least trying a few months out and then paying for a big chunk once you know Wix is the right solution for you. After all, it’s going to save you money! Make sure you check out my Wix tutorial to get started.

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